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ISCI Foundation's Collaborative Initiative on National Nutrition Month & Suicide Prevention DAY

ISCI Foundation Teams up with Mission Pink Health and IMA Women's Wing to Raise Mental Health Awareness and Tackle Anemia

In a pioneering move that coincided with National Nutrition Month and World Suicide Prevention Day, the non-profit organization ISCI Foundation, in conjunction with Mission Pink Health and IMA Women's Wing, orchestrated a transformative campaign in Gwalior. This campaign underscored the importance of mental health consultation and the early detection of anemia among adolescent girls, in commemoration of World Suicide Prevention Day.

This initiative resonates with the understanding that, akin to any physical ailment, self-harm tendencies can be addressed and treated through heightened awareness. The campaign took flight at the Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Railway Colony, Gwalior. Dr. Aman Kishor, an esteemed psychiatrist, and Dr. Shaifali Badoni, a distinguished psychologist, engaged with students, shedding light on mental health concerns and providing coping mechanisms for managing mental stress. Notably, the active involvement of Dr. Priyavada Bhaseen and Dr. Veena Pradhan from ISCI Foundation enriched the discourse on the imperative nature of mental health.

Concurrently, ISCI Foundation, Mission Pink Health, and IMA Women's Wing joined forces to unveil a comprehensive anemia eradication program. Hemoglobin and eye training camps were established at the Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Railway Colony and Shinde Ki Chhavni. Through the harmonious synergy of ISCI Foundation and Ratan Jyoti Netralaya, aided by the unwavering dedication of NGO volunteers, this endeavor achieved resounding success. ISCI Foundation volunteers, in collaboration with medical experts and nurses, orchestrated thorough examinations at the camps.

Expressing her contentment with the camp's meticulous execution, Ms. Sweta Modi, Founder of ISCI Foundation, revealed that a total of 235 girls were examined. The camp successfully identified instances of anemia among some participants, while others were diagnosed with refractive errors. Dr. Priyavada Bhaseen played a pivotal role in coordinating the necessary medical interventions for the affected girls.

ISCI Foundation and IMA Women's Wing have taken a bold stand in addressing the pressing issue of anemia. Through their combined efforts with medical professionals and volunteers, their commitment is palpable as they strive to alleviate anemia and iron deficiency among adolescent girls. This shared determination was vividly displayed through the presence of volunteers from both organizations and medical professionals during the event.

This commendable joint initiative by ISCI Foundation, Mission Pink Health, and IMA Women's Wing underscores the potential of collaborative efforts in addressing vital challenges that impact adolescent health. By fostering awareness about mental health and delivering essential medical support, these organizations are not only safeguarding the well-being of adolescent girls but also contributing to the development of a healthier and more resilient society. As they continue on this collective mission, the volunteers and professionals involved set a commendable example of dedicated efforts to enhance the lives of young girls in Gwalior.

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