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Uplifted Youth


ISCI seeks youth Ambassadors to help promote and represent the organization.

Individuals, just like you have often reached out to us, expressing a desire to contribute in some way and support ISCI Foundation. These individuals are unable to commit more than 8-10 hours per year to support us, due to other priorities in Life.

We at ISCI Foundation believe that every individual, who wishes to give back to the community in some way should be given a platform to do so. We have designed our ‘Ambassador’ program keeping such individuals in mind.

Our Ambassador program is a group of social, professional, and philanthropic minded individuals who have a shared commitment to support ISCI Foundation’s vision to build an ecosystem that will enable underprivileged children, girls & women to get equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. These individuals are committed to supporting the children, girls & women and our programs by becoming ‘ISCI Ambassadors’ and leveraging their networks to further our mission to provide academic education, skills training, and professional development until the children, girls & women become independent and self-empowered.

As a ISCI Foundation Ambassador, you will be responsible for :

  • Spread awareness of ISCI Foundation and its mission.

  • Post in companies ‘social media channels’ and personal social media platforms about ISCI Foundation once each Month.

  • The post should be created based on content provided thru the ‘ambassador network’ newsletter.

  • Recommended Dates for posting: 

    • Will be provided through ‘ambassador network’ newsletter.​​

  • Help raise funds for the various programs

    • Set a Give/Get Goal of ₹1000.00 with the aspiration to reach ₹2000.00 or more per year.

  • Help recruit Volunteers and Ambassadors

    • Create (at minimum, one event) to support ISCI Foundation and invite people from your network to the event.


Time Commitment: 

  • Serve a term of 1 year.

  • 1.5-2.5 hour time commitment monthly.

What are the benefits can offer for the ambassador? Certificate:

Ambassadors who achieves the target set by ISCI Foundation will be issued with achievement certificate.

Sounds Interesting ? Want to Join us ? 

Contact us today by completing the Contact Us form or by sending us an email at

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