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Social Internship Program at ISCI Foundation: Internship in NGO for Change-Makers

Unlock Your Potential, Drive Positive Change

Welcome to the ISCI Foundation's Social Internship Program, a transformative opportunity for students seeking to make a meaningful impact on society. Our social internship offers a unique platform for you to combine classroom learning with real-world experience, all while contributing to causes that matter.


About ISCI Foundation

At ISCI Foundation, we're on a mission to create a world where sustainability, equal opportunities, education, healthcare, and livelihoods are accessible to all. Based in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, we're a non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to driving positive change in our communities and the environment.


Why Choose a Social Internship with ISCI Foundation?

Our social internship program is more than just a resume booster. It's a chance to immerse yourself in projects that impact lives and the environment. Here's why you should consider joining us:

  • Real-World Impact: Tired of internships where you're stuck doing menial tasks? At ISCI Foundation, our interns are active participants in projects aligned with our mission. Your work matters, and you'll see the impact you're making.

  • Mentorship and Guidance: We understand that stepping into the professional world can be overwhelming. That's why we offer dedicated mentorship and guidance throughout your social internship. Our experienced team is here to support your growth.

  • Diverse Focus Areas: Our NGO works across a range of areas, including environmental sustainability, equal opportunities, education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihoods. You can choose an internship that aligns with your passion and field of study.

  • Networking Opportunities: During your internship, you'll have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals within our organization and through our extensive network of partners. These connections can open doors to future opportunities.


Who Can Apply for a Social Internship in NGO?

Our social internship program is open to students from various colleges and backgrounds. We believe in diversity and value fresh perspectives. Whether you're studying environmental science, social work, healthcare, or any field related to our mission, we encourage you to apply.


How to Apply for a Social Internship

Ready to embark on a journey of learning, growth, and impact? Here's how you can apply:

  1. Submit Your Application: Mail your resume and a cover letter to explaining your motivation to intern with us and how your skills align with our work.


Join Us in Creating a Better Tomorrow through Social Internship

ISCI Foundation's Social Internship Program is your chance to be a change-maker, to work on projects that matter, and to contribute to building a brighter, more sustainable future. Apply today and become a part of a community dedicated to making a difference. Together, we can create positive change and leave a lasting impact on our world.

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