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One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time.

Change the world through

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We are always looking for passionate and talented volunteers to join our team of ever growing community of volunteers. Since we work directly with the under-privileged girls, children and women we are able to offer volunteers with opportunities to visit our program sites and make their contributions on the ground.

All you just need to know:

Depending on the interest, skills and time availability of the volunteer, we will customize the assignment. Once you apply, you will be working closely with our ‘Program Site’ coordinator to create your custom assignment and plan our your trip.

As a volunteer, you will be required to pay for your travel to the program site.

Your onsite volunteering assignment can include the following:

  • Teach 'Science' other subjects / topics.

  • Host Medical and Dental Health clinics.

  • Organizing Skill Development Workshop.

  • Teaching Basic Computer Course.

If your employer supports such volunteering activities as part of their ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ program, you might be eligible to get re-imbursed for the time and money that you spend on such assignments. We can provide you the required documentation you need to support your claim.

Thanks again for considering onsite volunteering as an option for giving back. Please contact us today to start planning your assignment or if you need additional information.


Change the world for the better. Start now.


Volunteering takes just a Phone Call.

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