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ISCI Foundation - Empowering Children through STEM

On 04th October 2021, under its program "Science Exploration Rover - STEM Lab", the foundation taught science experiments to children and got them done in Government Secondary School, Sirol, Gwalior. To root out the gender gap, the ISCI Foundation has pledged to organize a series of STEM workshops across the district.

This program run by the foundation had to be stopped in the lockdown, but after the re-opening of the school, this program is being extended to the children again. Due to this program, enthusiasm for studies has increased in the children. Children say that it is a lot of fun to study through experiments in this way and it also helps them to remember the principles of science and mathematics.

Shri RS Rana ji told that this program is very much liked by the children and other children also get inspired by this kind of education and express their desire to study further. In this program, children took part by wearing masks and following social distancing.

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