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Fostering Health and Vision: Hemoglobin, Eye, and Anemia Checkup Camp in Gwalior

In a significant initiative aimed at promoting health and well-being, ISCI Foundation joined hands with Mission Pink Health Gwalior to organize a Hemoglobin, Eye, and Anemia Checkup Camp at the Government Girls School, Sikander Kampoo, Gwalior. This event brought together a dedicated team of doctors and volunteers, all committed to making a difference in the lives of the community.

Medical Expertise in Action

The camp was graced by the presence of esteemed doctors, including Dr. Veena Pradhan, Dr. Reeta Mishra, and Dr. Priyamvada Bhasin. Their expertise and dedication added immense value to the event, ensuring that each participant received quality healthcare, eye checkups, and screenings for anemia.

A Vision for Better Health

Eye health is a critical component of overall well-being, and this camp emphasized the importance of regular checkups. Participants received thorough eye examinations, enabling early detection and intervention for any potential vision issues. Simultaneously, the screening for anemia addressed a prevalent health concern in the community.

Empowering Communities

The success of such events lies in the dedication of volunteers. The Hemoglobin, Eye, and Anemia Checkup Camp was efficiently managed and executed by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, including Gaurav, Dhara, Aditi, and Priya. Their commitment and hard work ensured that the program ran smoothly, contributing to the overall success of the initiative.

A Vision for the Future

The Hemoglobin, Eye, and Anemia Checkup Camp exemplifies ISCI Foundation's commitment to fostering health, well-being, and awareness in the community. By providing access to quality healthcare, promoting vision health, and addressing anemia, we take a step closer to our vision of a healthier and more equitable society.

As we celebrate the success of this camp, we remain dedicated to our mission of creating positive change, one community at a time. Stay tuned for more initiatives aimed at making a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve.


The Hemoglobin, Eye, and Anemia Checkup Camp at the Government Girls School, Sikander Kampoo, Gwalior, was a testament to the power of collaboration and community-driven initiatives. It highlighted the importance of health and vision care in our communities and the positive change that can be achieved when individuals and organizations come together with a shared vision of a healthier, brighter future.


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