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Today,17-09-20 The ISCI Foundation, through its program "Renovation and Re-use of Resources", got a water kiosk repaired and revived near the Manshapurna Hanuman temple in Officers Colony, Dholpur. This kiosk was renamed as "Drinking Water Kiosk".

This kiosk was inaugurated by Shri Krishna Avtar Sharma, General Manager, District Industries Center, Dholpur. He appreciated the work being done by the ISCI Foundation and said that this program is a very good idea, through this program, the Foundation can provide facilities to the common people in a low cost. Shri Mata Prasad Sharma ji contributed to this program and said that this program will be beneficial for the common man.

Foundation representative Mrs. Sweta said that her foundation wanted to create a program to provide facilities to the common people in which more facilities can be provided at a lower cost. As a result, this program was prepared, so that the resources already in the city, which are not being used due to faults, will be repaired and used again. Sweta ji thanked the volunteers of the foundation, Siddharth Modi and Anurag, without whose help this work could not be completed.

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