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ISCI Foundation organized a Meeting with Volunteers

A volunteer meeting was organized at Hotel Prabha International, Gwalior to celebrate the successful launch of the programs of the NGO and to discuss further plans regarding the sustainability of the programs. Responsibilities were distributed evenly amongst the volunteers for the smooth running of the programs and also to sharpen their leadership skills.

The program started with the celebration of the successful launch of the ISCI Foundation’s ongoing programs and having the multi-cuisine buffet breakfast which included the North Indian, South Indian & Continental variety of breakfast just like the diversity we find in India. Volunteers of ISCI Foundation also come from various cultures & states but they share a common interest in serving the community and the nation.

Director, Sweta Ji and Mohit Ji discussed with the volunteers, the impact the programs of ISCI Foundation have on the community. A healthy discussion was initiated where volunteers gave their meaningful suggestions for the sustainability of the programs. They also discussed the problems happening in the community and what changes have to be done to maximize the impact of the programs.

They also discussed the programs that the NGO is currently running in the fields of Health, Education & Environment. Everyone was given a chance to talk about the activities and it resulted in meaningful discussion and proper planning of the programs. Volunteers were assigned the duties of coordinating various activities of the NGO. These duties will help them work as a strong team and also will help them sharpen their leadership skills.

Volunteers Siddharth, Mahak, Pranjali, Aditi & Gaurav were assigned as the coordinators for the different programs of the NGO. Volunteers Shivani, Priya & Vaibhav were given the task of getting more volunteers involved with the programs of the NGO.

As this is the 75th year of Independence, all volunteers decided to celebrate this Independence Day with the kids in the slums and to motivate more people to hoist flags at their homes. For this, an online campaign of taking a selfie with the national flag and posting online was also started by the volunteers.

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