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ISCI Volunteers Distributed Food among the Needy

A birthday is a very special day; it’s the day you came into the world! So, if you are looking for a unique and meaningful way to celebrate your accomplishments and milestones, consider distributing food to the needy.

Yes, celebrate your Birthday in a unique way. You can plan a birthday along with your friends, family or colleagues by feeding the needy with ISCI Foundation.

Today, on the occasion of birthday of our beloved uncle Shri. Anil Modi Ji, who is suffering from Brain Hemorrhage, the family members and volunteers distributed food to the needy people in Dholpur, Rajasthan. In return they got a lot of good wishes from the people for his speedy recovery.

Volunteers Sparsh, Kartik, Anurag, Siddharth conducted the drive. They distributed Bananas and Biscuits among the people.

You can request your friends that instead of buying gifts for your birthday or for your family members/friends, consider asking them to make a donation.

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