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MoU signed between ISCI Foundation, Gwalior and Government Middle School, Sirol, Gwalior

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Today, on 28.11.2019, The ISCI Foundation signed MoU with the Government Secondary School, Sirol, Gwalior under the "Science Exploration Rover - STEM Lab" program. The director of the ISCI Foundation, Sweta Kumari and Head master of the Government Secondary School, Sirol Shri.R.S. Rana Ji signed it.

Shri. R.S. Rana ji said that this program of the ISCI Foundation is very beneficial for the students and with the help of this program students will be able to do many experiments and will be able to connect more with science, mathematics, technology, engineering. He further said that the experiment conducted through this lab has increased the confidence of the students. He praised the social work being done by ISCI Foundation, Gwalior.

Sweta Kumari from ISCI Foundation described this program as a great opportunity for students so that they can understand their studies better through experiments and help them to achieve a better future. The directors of ISCI Foundation Sweta ji and Mohit ji thanked Shri R.S. Rana ji. On this occasion, Sweta ji, Mohit ji, Shri R.S. Rana ji, Mrs. Renu ji and other teachers were present.

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