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NGOs Provide Grocery for Elderly, Food for Poor and Other Essentials in COVID-19 Lockdown

Food must be given to the hungry and water to the thirsty. Our elders have always been saying this. This has become a proverb in the changing world every day. But the world is not empty of donors. There are still people who keep taking the good news of the poor Narayan's.

ISCI Foundation has been taking care of such destitute people. This foundation has often been seen helping the "Rambharose's" camping in huts, roadsides. ISCI Foundation also helps other needy people to the best of their ability. On June 2, Sweta Modi, the founder of ISCI Foundation, gave food packets to fifty needy persons in Daman. Mohit Modi, the co-founder of the ISCI Foundation, also joined this food drive. The foundation had provided food to the needy who lost their livelihood in the lockdown.

On June 3, Mohit Modi, Director, ISCI Foundation, distributed food packets to eighty needy persons sleeping under the flyover bridge located on Vapi-Daman Main Road under the Food Drive in Vapi. Mohit Modi said that this is a difficult period for everyone. We all should provide help to the needy people around us according to our ability. This is the work of humanity.

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