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A special program for marginalized women and girls has been launched by ISCI Foundation in association with its CSR partner Essar TMT and GOGS, Gwalior to promote menstrual hygiene and reproductive health. Under this program, a sanitary napkin vending machine has been installed at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Kalindri, Pichhore. The main objective of the program is to remove taboos related to menstruation, break the silence, provide awareness on menstrual hygiene, change negative social norms, end menstrual poverty, and provide affordable sanitary napkins available anytime using sanitary napkin vending machines to girls in government schools.

Vending machines were set up to ensure an effective, safe and convenient mode for any-time access to sanitary napkins. It aims to promote safe and hygienic practices among women and girls.

The program has been launched by ISCI Foundation in partnership with Essar TMT and in association with GOGS, Gwalior. In the program, the Foundation collaborated with GOGS, Gwalior to create awareness about menstrual hygiene and reproductive health among girls. President of GOGS Dr. Shashibala Bhosle and Secretary Dr. Preeti Gupta gave full cooperation from their organization to make this program a success. Volunteers Karan and Aditya successfully managed this program by doing the project of social service given by Lovely Professional University through the ISCI Foundation.

The program was started by Smt. Sweta Modi, Director, ISCI Foundation by explaining the importance of this program and introduced the respected guest doctors of GOGS to the girls. Referring to similar problems related to her life, she told the girls how important this program is to them and their NGO.

Guest Dr. Reema Modi spoke about the importance of periods in a girl's life and maintaining menstrual hygiene. She told the girl students about the importance of using sanitary napkins and their proper disposal. Dr. Vibha Kurele also talked about changing taboos and negative social norms related to menstruation. GOGS guest experts talk about the diseases and common causes of gynecological problems that cause these problems and how to avoid them. The doctors also took questions from the students and solved them.

After that, at the request of Mohit Ji, Dr. Reema, Dr. Vibha, Director Sweta Modi, and Principal Shashikiran Ji inaugurated the sanitary napkin vending machine. He also demonstrated the working of the machine to the girl students and provided free sanitary napkins to the principal Mrs. Shashikiran Ji for the girls. School Principal Mrs. Shashikiran Ji said that this is the need of the hour and this will ensure hygienic practice among the girl students. This will reduce absenteeism during menstruation as well as prevent infection and promote hygiene.

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