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Science Exploration Rover - STEM Lab (Electromagnetic Crane)

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


ISCI Foundation under this program provides labs to such students of government schools who do not have a laboratory to use. In this laboratory there is a smart classes and science, engineering, technology and mathematics are taught by conducting different experiments.

"Without laboratories men of science are soldiers without arms."


On 07.12.2019, The ISCI Foundation provided a practical lab at the Government Secondary School, Sirol, Gwalior under the "Science Exploration Rover - STEM Lab" program. In this lab the students were taught about the concepts of electromagnetism using the apparatus and equipment of science, technology, engineering & maths.

The students made working model of an electromagnet and learned the concepts of magnetism practically. They made a working model of electromagnetic crane using the concepts learned. 45 students got benefitted from this lab today.

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