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These People Make Holi of Unfortunate ones Colorful

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Not everyone’s Holi is as colorful and joyous as ours. To add colors to the otherwise colorless world of those who do not have families, a few local volunteers of ISCI Foundation visited these people living in slums in various parts of Dholpur (Rajasthan), Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh), Daman, and Vapi (Gujrat) to distribute sweets and colors among them.

“I feel sad for those who do not have a family, My family and I decided to enjoy the day with these people,’ says Sony Garg, a citizen of Daman.

“ISCI Foundation always attempts to infuse joy in lives of destitute people with help of their volunteers in various parts of the country,” says Sweta Modi, Director of ISCI Foundation. This Holi, Ngo with help of volunteers in Daman, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh celebrated with homeless and destitute people by distributing food, sweets, and colors amongst them.

Volunteers Sony Garg along with her husband Punit Garg distributed sweets, food, and colors amongst the people living in slums in various parts of Daman and Vapi.

Volunteers Siddharth Modi, Kartik Modi, Anurag Bansal, and Sparsh Modi distributed sweets and played colors with the

people living in the slums of Dholpur. They also took the blessings of the senior citizens by touching their feet.

They felt very happy by bringing joy and colors into the life of these people. They told that this is the best way of celebrating any festival and people should come forward to take part in these kinds of activities.

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