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On 23.01.2021 The ISCI foundation's Dholpur volunteers volunteered to support a family of eight members who were destitute due to the fire in their hut and tea shop, the volunteers with help from the foundation made arrangements for their shelter and helped them to stand on their feet again by starting their tea shop.

Radhelal and his family lived in a hut near the RIICO Industrial Area and used to have their own tea shop nearby. Two days ago, while cooking, there was a fire in his hut and shop. The fire spread so quickly that all their belongings, utensils, ration, shop, cash etc. were burnt in the fire. They had nothing left. He lives with his wife Duddi Devi and 6 children.

As soon as the volunteers of the foundation came to know about this, they all rushed to Radhe Lal and saw that they were all forced to sleep while covering themselves with empty slacks of wheat under the open sky in this harsh cold. Seeing this, with the help of the foundation, volunteers Siddharth, Anurag and Karthik arranged for thatch and prepared their hut. They provided them with ration, some clothes, blankets, utensils etc. They made some banners for their shop so that visitors can know that they provide tea, food, so that their employment can be increase and they can start a new life.

Seeing the happiness of Radhelal and his family, the volunteers felt very proud. Volunteers said that the common people should also volunteer with the foundation and become a part of such social work.

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