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Combatting Anemia: ISCI Foundation's Empowering Initiative with Mission Pink Health and IMA

In a significant step towards improving the health and well-being of adolescent girls, the ISCI Foundation, in collaboration with Mission Pink Health and the Indian Medical Association (IMA), embarked on an ambitious journey to eradicate anemia. With a focus on early detection, education, and community engagement, the Anemia Eradication Program has already made a remarkable impact on the lives of numerous girls. Let's delve into the details of this commendable initiative that aims to combat anemia through awareness, healthcare, and community involvement.

Empowering Adolescent Girls:

On September 3, 2022, history was made as the first Anemia Eradication Program took place at Padma Girls Senior Secondary School in Gwalior. This pivotal event witnessed the involvement of ISCI Foundation, Mission Pink Health, IMA, and RJN Spectra Hospital, along with a team of dedicated volunteers. Over 180 adolescent girls were the beneficiaries of this program, which kicked off with comprehensive hemoglobin and eye checkups.

Holistic Approach to Anemia:

The cornerstone of this initiative lies in its comprehensive approach. RJN Spectra Hospital's medical experts conducted hemoglobin and eye checkups, laying the foundation for accurate diagnosis and personalized care. Girls identified as anemic were provided with free consultations at nearby government hospitals, fostering accessibility to healthcare services.

Knowledge is Prevention:

To address the root causes of anemia, the program included enlightening awareness sessions led by skilled doctors. Dr. Reeta Mishra and Dr. Monika Jain, experts in their field, engaged with the girls, offering insights into preventing anemia through lifestyle changes. These sessions not only provided valuable information but also empowered the girls to take charge of their health.

Community-Driven Success:

Central to the success of this initiative were the dedicated volunteers from ISCI Foundation. Aditi, Pranjali, Gaurav, and Vaibhav went above and beyond to organize and manage the entire program seamlessly. Their commitment and hard work truly exemplify the spirit of community service.

Recognition and Appreciation:

The impact of the Anemia Eradication Program extended beyond the beneficiaries, resonating with the school community. Mr. Byomesh Sharma, the Vice Principal of Padma Girls Senior Secondary School, expressed his appreciation for the initiative, acknowledging its significance in promoting health and awareness among adolescent girls.


The collaboration between ISCI Foundation, Mission Pink Health, IMA, RJN Spectra Hospital, and the dedicated volunteers showcases the potential of community-driven efforts in tackling significant health issues. The Anemia Eradication Program's first success at Padma Girls Senior Secondary School serves as a testament to the power of early detection, education, and community involvement. With this initiative, the journey towards eradicating anemia takes a giant leap forward, promising healthier and brighter futures for countless adolescent girls.

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