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COVID-19 pandemic: Social organizations provide food to needy

In the Corona pandemic period, the lifestyle of most of the middle class and poor sections has deteriorated. In such a situation, many voluntary organizations are also extending their hands to help their loved ones.

In this sequence, ISCI foundation operating in Daman on Wednesday distributed food packets to the needy, showing generosity. Besides The ISCI foundation provided food to the needy people living in slums under the food donation drive in Daman. Food packets were distributed to 50 people in this campaign.

When the founder of NGO Sweta Modi came to know that there are many people here whose livelihood along with their employment has been impacted due to Covid-19. Even these families have to sleep hungry. In such a situation, her NGO ISCI Foundation started distributing food packets to these poor families through the foundation.

Expressing happiness over this, Mohit, the co-founder of the foundation, said that as soon as he came to know about the condition of the poor, Sweta Modi along with all of us got 50 packets of food prepared and herself went on the spot and felt happy by providing them food. He told that our organization will continue to join hands in providing releif to the people affected from this pandemic.

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