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The ISCI Foundation held a three-day free beautician course for underprivileged women & girls under the Foundation's skill development program in Mahelgaon, Gwalior.

We were informed by the foundation's volunteer Ms. Khushi that there are many women in Mahelgaon who are willing to become self-sufficient but due to lack of money and other family reasons, they are not able to learn any skill required to get employment. Knowing this, the Director of the Foundation, Sweta Ji, organized a free skill development workshop for those women.

In this workshop, women living there were taught a beautician course for three days, in which 23 women were trained. In this course, women learned to do hairstyling and party makeup. NGO Trainer Ms. Heena told that there is a great demand for party makeup in Gwalior. Every day some or other kind of parties like Kitty party, wedding, etc. are organized here, due to which women prefer to do party makeup at home instead of going to parlor and an beauty artist can get from ₹1000.00 to ₹2000.00 rupees from doing party makeup. These women will also be able to do this work after learning this course and become self-sufficient.

Today, at the conclusion of this workshop, the women expressed their happiness and told that they will also get employment from this work and will become self dependent. ISCI Foundation's director Mohit told that by organizing these kind of workshops, women will continue to become self-reliant and also appealed to the common people that they too can contribute by volunteering with ISCI Foundation.

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