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Food Drive Conducted in Memory of our lovingly Late Shri. Manoj Goyal Ji

Today our organization ISCI Foundation joined the grief of the Goyal family and distributed food and water among the poor in the memory of their beloved Shri Manoj Goyal Ji.

Our organization understands how sad the death of a loved one is for any family and it is very painful mentally. Goyal Ji's family is also going through similar pain. For the peace of Manoj Ji's soul and in his memory, his family and children resolved to distribute food and water among the poor. In this work, the ISCI Foundation helped them and took them among the poor and distributed food and water to them.

This program was done in the slums located in the city center. There, after offering flowers in front of Manoj Ji's picture, the family members started to remember Manoj Ji and everyone became very emotional. Tears came out of the eyes of Manoj Ji's children. After which the elders of the family, Vijay Ji, and Satish Ji, encouraged the children and started distributing food and water from the hands of their children.

Seeing people getting happy after getting food and water, everyone's sorrow subsided a bit. Manoj Ji's children Nikki Ji, Kritika Ji, Tasha Ji, and Anshul Ji distributed food with their own hands to everyone.

The members of the organization Sweta and Mohit were also very happy that they helped the Goyal family in doing this work.

The Goyal family, being happy with the work of the organization, donated 10,100 rupees to the organization. The organization will help destitute children with this donation. The organization thanks them a lot for this donation.

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