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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Today, on the auspicious occasion of Holi, the ISCI Foundation organized a drawing competition for the children living in the slums in City Center, Gwalior and celebrated Holi with them following the rules of Covid19.

NGO keeping in mind the regulations of Covid, this year, a painting competition was organized for the children living in the slums in the city center, Gwalior.

All children were given a set of sketch colors. The children did a very good painting on the subject of protection from corona. The children who made drawing on the subject "CORONA WALI HOLI". The children were presented with Pichkaris and Gulal.

The members of NGO celebrated Holi with children by running Gulal bomb on Holi. The enthusiasm of the children was worth seeing and the children and NGO members felt very good by celebrating holi like this. On this occasion, the N.G.O. founders Smt. Sweta and Mohit Modi were present. They appealed to everyone to celebrate the festival of Holi following COVID guidelines.

Some of the drawings made by kids:


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