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A unique initiative by ISCI Foundation is helping Gwalior increase its green cover while also spreading awareness.

Schoolchildren are ‘seed-bombing’ Gwalior with the objective to increase the fast-depleting green cover which has resulted in alarming pollution levels and poor air quality across the city.

‘Seed bombing’, which usually implies aerial reforestation, is a technique meant to introduce vegetation by throwing or dropping seed balls on barren land. Under the guidance of the ISCI Foundation, to promote ecological sensitivity, schoolchildren of Shaskiya Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Sirol, Gwalior learned how to make seed bombs or balls.

In this technique, seeds are filled inside balls of fertile soil. Once these balls dry up, they are thrown in places with less vegetation. As part of the campaign, the children have been preparing and throwing the seed bombs at various places across the city.

They have been throwing the seed bombs mostly during the rainy season to ensure that they germinate properly and absorb moisture from the atmosphere. The children claimed to have dropped around 1000 seed bombs during the monsoon season around Sirol Pahadi in Gwalior.


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