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ISCI Foundation's Seed Ball Initiative Takes Root: 25,000 Seed Balls Sown in Dhaulpur's FOREST

In a continued effort to revive the lush greenery of Rajasthan's forests, the ISCI Foundation has embarked on its Seed Ball Project. Collaborating with Jodo India and other supportive NGOs, the foundation has prepared one lakh seed balls using indigenous seeds, with the aim to rejuvenate pre-designated forest areas.

The First Phase: 25,000 Seed Balls Dispersed

On August 3, 2022, in the first phase of this ambitious reforestation initiative, ISCI Foundation's directors, along with their dedicated volunteers, loaded around 25,000 seed balls onto their vehicles. These seed balls were then spread across a five-hectare area within the Van Vihar forest, marking the beginning of their planting journey. Local villagers even provided tractors to navigate the challenging terrain, situated approximately one kilometer away from the nearest road.

The Innovative Seed Ball Technique

The initiative's director, Mohit Modi, highlighted that the decision to use the seed ball technique was driven by its cost-effectiveness in enhancing forest cover. He stated, "This technique is a skilled method of dispersion, with a 70% germination rate comparable to traditional planting methods. Seed balls can be thrown manually or using a slingshot from a distance."

These seed balls are made from five types of indigenous seeds including neem, imli (tamarind), deshi babul (Acacia), amla (Indian gooseberry), and bel patra (wood apple leaves). Enriched with organic compost, cow dung, and other natural fertilizers, these seed balls have a high success rate in germination and growth.

Future Plans and Community Involvement

The initiative's director, Shweta, outlined the plan to disperse an additional 75,000 seed balls in the coming weeks across other parts of the forest. To make a more significant impact, the project aims to garner increased support from Dhaulpur's local communities.

Siddharth, a dedicated volunteer, played a crucial role in overseeing the project's execution in Dhaulpur. Deputy Conservator Mr. Anil Yadav and Ranger Mr. Ranveer provided valuable assistance in identifying suitable forest areas for the seed ball dispersion.


ISCI Foundation's Seed Ball Project in Dhaulpur, Rajasthan, is gaining momentum as 25,000 seed balls find their place in the Van Vihar forest. With its innovative approach and dedicated volunteers, this initiative is a significant step towards rekindling the region's green cover. The upcoming phases of the project, along with community support, promise a brighter and greener future for Dhaulpur's forests.


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