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ISCI Foundation and Jodo India Achieve Remarkable Milestone: One Lakh Seed Balls Sown for Forest Reg

In a remarkable endeavor to rejuvenate the natural landscapes of Dholpur, ISCI Foundation and its sister organization, Jodo India, have embarked on the ambitious Seed Ball Project program. This initiative aims to breathe new life into the forests, focusing on the preparation and distribution of indigenous variety seed balls. The ultimate goal? To sow one lakh seed balls in predetermined forest areas.

Greening Dholpur, One Seed Ball at a Time Under the visionary Seed Ball Project, the organizations have diligently prepared seventy-five thousand seed balls in the initial two phases. These seed balls have been meticulously spread across the region, meticulously selected using GPS coordinates. The collaborative efforts extended to the Van Vihar and Kesar Bagh forests in association with the National Chambal Sanctuary. The third phase of the program witnessed the distribution of an additional twenty-five thousand seed balls, marking the successful accomplishment of the one-lakh seed ball target.

A Collective Effort for a Green Future On a serene morning, NGO members and volunteers gathered to load a tractor with approximately 25,000 seed balls. The destination? A predetermined five-hectare area within the Kesar Bagh forest, where the seed balls would be dispersed. These seed balls were strategically spread about a kilometer from the paved road, deep into the heart of the forest. The dedicated volunteers meticulously scattered the seed balls across the field, breathing life into the forest. Forester Shri Narendra Ji played a pivotal role in facilitating the execution of this noble endeavor, further highlighting the collaborative spirit of the project.

The Power of Seed Balls ISCI Foundation coordinator, Siddharth G, emphasized the significance of the seed ball initiative as a cost-effective method to augment green cover in the district. These seed balls have been crafted from the seeds of five native species, including Neem, Tamarind, Amla, Karanj, Jungle Jalebi, and Belpatra. These balls are not just seeds; they are enriched with root and shoot-promoting organic manure, cow dung, and other natural fertilizers.

Expanding the Green Horizon Director Shweta Ji shared a vision for the future, stating, "We will prepare more seed balls in the coming months and spread them in the Ram Bagh forest areas as well, further contributing to the greenery of Dholpur's forested areas." The collective impact of this initiative is poised to grow, but to achieve even greater results, the organizations seek the support and involvement of the local Dholpur community. ISCI Foundation and Jodo India are leading the way towards a greener, more sustainable future, one seed ball at a time. Together, they demonstrate the profound impact that collective efforts can have on the environment and the community.


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