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ISCI Foundation Empowers Girls with Menstrual Hygiene and Reforestation Initiatives in Dholpur

In a commendable dual initiative, ISCI Foundation, in collaboration with Jodo India, is diligently working to educate underprivileged girls on safe menstrual hygiene practices while simultaneously contributing to the region's environmental sustainability. This multifaceted effort saw the distribution of reusable sanitary pads and the creation of 12,500 seed balls in Dholpur.

The joint endeavor by these NGOs not only addresses critical issues concerning women's health but also actively participates in reforestation efforts. In their determined pursuit of a greener future, they have already dispersed a total of 75,000 seed balls in Dholpur's forests and have plans to distribute an additional 25,000 seed balls.

As part of this ongoing initiative, the NGOs conducted an awareness program on menstrual hygiene for girls at the Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Tallaiya. Dr. Chitra Bansal, an esteemed doctor, and Sweta Modi ji, the foundation's founder, graced the program as chief guests. They provided invaluable insights on menstrual hygiene practices and introduced the girls to reusable menstrual pads. The girls actively engaged with the informative session and shared their concerns related to menstruation, receiving practical solutions in return. The use of a projector enhanced the learning experience, delivering comprehensive knowledge about menstruation.

Following the educational session, the girls enthusiastically participated in the preparation of seed balls. In total, 250 girls came together and crafted an impressive 12,500 seed balls. Mrs. Archana ji, the School Principal, expressed her appreciation for ISCI Foundation's initiative. She noted that the program not only empowered the girls with essential health knowledge but also connected them with environmental conservation. The school proudly joined hands with the NGO to contribute to the noble cause of creating 100,000 seed balls.

Present at the event were NGO founder Sweta ji, Mohit, Dr. Chitra Bansal, Principal Archana ji, dedicated volunteers, and the school's teachers. This holistic approach, combining menstrual hygiene education with reforestation efforts, underscores the significance of comprehensive community initiatives in fostering positive change. ISCI Foundation and Jodo India's unwavering commitment is setting a noteworthy example in Dholpur and beyond.


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