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Vishal Mega Mart & ISCI Foundation: Greening Gwalior One Sapling at a Time, a csr initIATIVE

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

In a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility (CSR), ISCI Foundation has partnered with Vishal Mega Mart to plant saplings and tree guards around their outlets in Gwalior. But this initiative goes beyond just planting; it includes a comprehensive maintenance program to ensure the greenery flourishes.

Notably, tree guards are installed to shield the saplings from animals, and a dedicated care regimen has been integrated. ISCI Foundation takes the lead in certifying the health of these plants, providing essential nurturing such as watering and fertilization.

In the first phase of this noble endeavor, 100 saplings with protective tree guards have found their new home around Vishal Mega Mart in City Centre, Gwalior. The Gwalior Municipal Corporation Commissioner, Shri Kishore Kanyal, lent his full support to this initiative. Mr. Mukesh and Mr. Rohit from the Park Department of Gwalior Municipal Corporation collaborated seamlessly, assisting in identifying suitable planting locations. Shri Ankur Gupta of ISCI Foundation praised the collective effort and highlighted the positive transformation these green additions bring to Gwalior's landscape.

Today, volunteers from ISCI Foundation, including Nitesh, Aditi, Dhara, Pranjali, Mayank, Rishav, Gaurav, Bhumi, Kirti, Sambhavi, Parth, Rishabh, and Gunjan, along with employees from Vishal Mega Mart, City Center, united to kickstart the maintenance phase. Armed with a specially designed plant maintenance trolley, everyone diligently watered and nurtured the saplings. Their enthusiasm radiated as they cared for each plant.

In the evening, ISCI Foundation's founders, Mohit and Sweta Ji, expressed their gratitude to Shri Kishore Kanyal Ji by presenting him with a memento for his invaluable cooperation. This CSR partnership has already borne fruit, with 100 new plants taking root near Vishal Mega Mart, City Center, Gwalior, and more green endeavors on the horizon. The commitment of ISCI Foundation and Vishal Mega Mart to the environment is truly commendable. 🌱🌿 #GreenGwalior #CSRInitiative #Sustainability


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