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ISCI Foundation held meeting with women in adopted Anganwadi

Today, Sweta ji, a member of the organization, went to the Anganwadi, Gol Pahadia No. 2 which is adopted by the ISCI Foundation in Gwalior and held a meeting with women to promote the livelihood of the women there.

She understood the problems with the women there. Sweta ji explained to those women about setting up self-help groups for livelihood. Sweta ji also explained to them about helping themselves by saving money through self-help groups.

She also talked about increasing the income by getting women to work together, on which some women expressed their desire to start some new work together through self-help groups.

The women agreed to form a team of their own before the next meeting. Sweta Ji motivated them and told them that ISCI Foundation will help them with setting up of their self-help group, starting there new venture and providing an initial market for them.

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