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Restoring Life to the Forest: ISCI Foundation DisPERSED 50,000 Seed Balls in Dholpur

In a remarkable effort to rejuvenate the lush forests of Dholpur, the ISCI Foundation took a giant step on August 30, 2022, by disbursing an impressive count of 50,000 seed balls across the Kesar Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary. This initiative is a part of the Seed Ball Project Program, an ongoing collaboration between ISCI Foundation and its partner NGOs, primarily Jodo India, aiming to breathe life back into the region's dwindling forests.

In the second phase of the program, NGO directors, accompanied by their dedicated volunteers, loaded approximately 50,000 seed balls onto tractors early in the morning. These seed balls were then transported to a designated 10-hectare area within the Kesar Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary, a recognized habitat for wildlife conservation. This area has been demarcated as Seed Ball Site 2 by the NGO. Tractors were utilized to strategically distribute the seed-filled spheres throughout the forest area, ensuring even dispersal. Volunteers then took over, spreading the seed balls across the entire region, marking a significant stride towards ecological restoration.

The event witnessed the participation of prominent figures, including Mr. Narendra Singh, the Forester, Mr. Pranav Mukherjee, an ex-serviceman, and Mr. Jayant, the President of Bharat Vikas Parishad, all of whom extended their valuable support to this noble endeavor. The ISCI Foundation has successfully partnered with Jodo India to make this project a reality.

Director of ISCI Foundation, Mohit Modi, highlighted the rationale behind choosing seed balls as a means to restore the region's green cover. "Seed ball dispersal is a cost-effective method to enhance green cover in the district. With a germination rate of around 70%, it matches the effectiveness of traditional tree planting methods. Seed balls can be deployed either by tossing them directly or through a catapult for wider distribution."

These seed balls are crafted from a variety of indigenous seeds, including neem, tamarind, native babool, amla, and bel patra. These spheres are fortified with organic manure, cow dung, and other natural fertilizers, ensuring the robust growth of the saplings.

Director Shweta further explained, "We have already distributed 75,000 seed balls in marked areas of Dholpur's forests. In the coming weeks, we aim to disperse an additional 25,000 seed balls in remaining forest areas, ultimately achieving our target of distributing 100,000 seed balls."

She stressed the importance of local community involvement to magnify the project's impact in the future.

Siddharth, a dedicated volunteer, played a pivotal role in executing the project in Dholpur. Deputy Forest Conservator Mr. Anil Yadav and Forester Mr. Narendra also supported the NGO by assisting in identifying suitable areas for seed ball distribution within the forested regions.

This initiative not only fosters ecological revival but also highlights the significance of collective action in preserving and restoring our natural habitats. With the joint efforts of the ISCI Foundation, Jodo India, and local communities, Dholpur's forests are on the path to regaining their former glory.

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