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Today, on 24-09-20 The ISCI Foundation, under its program "Science Exploration Rover - STEM Lab", taught practical science to the children in the Mohalla class run by the Government Secondary School, Sirol, Gwalior. Today, children learned the process of making oxygen in the lab.

This program being run by the ISCI Foundation had to be stopped in lock down, but when the founder of the Foundation, Swetha Modi ji, inquired from the Principal of the school, Shri R.S.Rana ji about the accessibility of education to children, he told that he With the help of staff, they are trying to make education available to children. After knowing this, the ISCI Foundation decided that it will also extend this program to the children in Mohalla class.

Shri RS Rana ji said that this program is very much liked by the children and other children of Mohalla also express their desire to study further by being inspired by such education. In this program, the children of Mohalla took part in doing the experiment by applying masks and following social distancing.

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