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ISCI Foundation's Seed Ball Initiative: A Green Vision for THE DEFORESTED LANDS IN RAJASTHAN

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

In a noteworthy step towards environmental conservation and reforestation, the ISCI Foundation, an emerging non-governmental organization (NGO), embarked on a significant program to plant one lakh trees through the innovative method of seed balls. This initiative carried out in collaboration with Jodo India, kicked off on August 1st in the verdant forests of Dhaulpur, Rajasthan. The program aims to restore the green cover of the region and create a sustainable future through the seed ball technique.

Aiming for Reforestation in Rajasthan

Recognizing the importance of reviving the greenery of Dhaulpur's forests, ISCI Foundation chose the Van Vihar area for its reforestation initiative. Marking designated spots within a 20-hectare area, the organization prepared one lakh seed balls using the indigenous seeds of the region's native species. Collaborating with Jodo India, this ambitious effort was supported by Deputy Conservator of National Chambal Sanctuary, Mr. Anil Yadav, and Ranger Mr. Ranveer, who ensured precise identification of locations for the seed balls.

Dignitaries Illuminate the Initiative

The ISCI Foundation's Dhaulpur branch, located in Modi Tiraha, inaugurated the program with esteemed dignitaries present to grace the occasion. Mr. Suren Jain, Principal of Dhaulpur PG College, lit the ceremonial lamp in homage to the nation's flag. In attendance were distinguished guests including Dr. Devender, District Coordinator of NSS, Dr. Anuj, College Incharge, Shri Pranav Mukherjee, Regional Secretary of the All India Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association, and Shri Jayant Modi, President of Bharat Vikas Parishad, Dhaulpur.

An Inspiring Vision for the Future

Mr. Suren Jain lauded the ISCI Foundation's initiative, highlighting the remarkable endeavor to transform Dhaulpur's forests into lush expanses once again. He emphasized the importance of engaging the younger generation in such projects for environmental preservation. Dr. Devender and Dr. Anuj pledged their full support of NSS to this cause, with a promise to involve NSS students in reforestation activities. Shri Pranav Mukherjee noted that the seed ball technique has been successfully employed for afforestation in southern India and commended ISCI Foundation for bringing it to Dhaulpur.

Seed Balls: The Green Solution

Mr. Mohit, Director of ISCI Foundation, shared insights about the organization's efforts. Collaborating with volunteers and communities, the foundation has prepared an impressive 40,000 seed balls so far. These seed balls, a combination of indigenous seeds, cow dung-based compost, and black soil, remain viable for up to two years and sprout effectively during the rainy season. The event also witnessed the participation of volunteers Siddharth and Kartik, who were actively involved in crafting the seed balls.


The ISCI Foundation's initiative to rejuvenate Dhaulpur's forests through the innovative seed ball technique is a significant stride toward a greener Rajasthan. With the support of local communities, organizations like Jodo India, and esteemed individuals, this reforestation endeavor is poised to not only increase green cover but also nurture a sense of environmental responsibility among the youth. The ISCI Foundation's commitment to sustainable growth and conservation is undoubtedly a beacon of hope for a more eco-friendly future in the region.


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